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Indigo dyeing experience
(Machizo Ai)

There are new tourist attractions
in Ishioka-City where is the …


Bonsai Experience Class at
The Shunkaen Bonsai Museum

Bonsai is a Japanses art from using
a tree grown in a container fo…


Food Samples crafting
(Yamato Sample)

Have you ever seen Japan made
plastic food samples ?



Ninja experience At Musashi

We have defined the contemporary
ninjas as members of a tight-knit…


Maiko and Geisha Makeover at

Just 30 seconds from Kaminari-mon
and Sensoji, you can try to be f…


Categories of Activities

Selected activities all over Japan

Traditional Culture

Experience the amazing traditional Japanese cultures during your trip.

Modern Culture

Experience Cool Japan, which you might not know yet.


Interests in beauty are worldwide. Discover Japanese concepts of beauty here.

Social Tour

Discover the secrets of Japanese industry and agriculture.No worry if you don’t speak Japanese! Just click here.


Regardless to say, Japan is a country of unique gastronomy . However there are only a few restaurants that visitors usually visit. Be the first person who visits amazing Japanese restaurants.

Calligraphy & Glass

Professional Sensei teaches you how to make your own art.


Literally you can soak up Japan thorough experience here. Make yourself a part of Japanese culture.

Temple & Shrine

Experience Japanese ways to respect religion. You will be surprised by how different the Japanese religion is from your expectation.


Book a discount ticket with Soak up Japan. You can find rare tickets here. Browse your options and book today!


Learn how to cook delicious Japanese food and bring the recipe to your country.


Join the tour! Which is a chance to communicate with not only other tourists from all over the world but local Japanese people. Make a lifetime friends and memory in the tour.


Work up a good sweat in Japan, which is rich in nature!


Music is a big part of our lives. People have loved music in Japan as well. There are a lot of cultures in music including Taiko, Karaoke, Shamisen.

Hot Spring

You can’t miss hot spring in Japan. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to manage with hot spring at all. Click here and see the details.

Staying in Local Houses

Experience Japan in a very local way. Here you can experience short home stay. Talk with local Japanese using body languages,see the normal life and eat the normal Japanese food.

New article

  • 5 delicious Japanese hot pot restaurants in Asakusa
    Asakusa is the most famous city in Japan for the tourists. You can eat a lot of special Japanese foods here. Especially, hot pot(Nabe) is very popular among local people and tourists. They are healthy...
  • Selected Ramen Restaurant in Shinjuku
    Shinjuku is referred to as a ramen battleground in Tokyo. Today, I’m going to introduce 5 selected Ramen restaurant here.   ①Menya Kaijin (麺屋 海神) The taste of soup stock are  seafood and salt. S...
  • The secret of  “Kotatsu Garden”
    Have you ever heard about Kotatsu? Kotasu is one of the amazing invention of Japan. In standard Japanese house, It suddenly appears in the living room when winter begins. Kotatsu is a small table with...
  • The top 5 places where you should spend  New Year’s Eve for countdown
    The biggest event to finish the year is countdown to New Year. Many people celebrate New Year in the house with family in Japan but there are a lot of outside places where you can be excited. This yea...
  • What is character lunch box
    Do you know “Chara Ben”?? This means character Bento(Japanese lunch box) and recently Chara Ben is more and more popular all over the world. Let me introduce Charaben at first. Let’ s start. What is C...
  • Ekiben
    Do you know Ekiben? Ekiben means the bento box that you can buy on the station. Each statin has a different kind of Ekiben, but only in Tokyo station there are a lot of Ekiben. Ekiben is a one of big ...
  • What is the best green tea???
    Japanese green tea is very popular for tourists as a souvenir because it is very healthy and affordable. However it is very difficult for tourists to decide what is the best because green tea, because...
  • What is the trend of “my own Chopsticks” in Japan?
    In this 2 or 3 years, there is a trend in Japan that people carry their own chopsticks every time. It is pretty cool because this trend comes from eco-conciousness of people. Most people used Waribash...
  • 5 Delicious Tonkastsu restaurants
    Tonkatsu is the my best favorite food. I have been looking for good Tonkatsu restaurants in my life and I found 5 pretty good restaurants so far. I don’t want to share my list because I don’t like wai...
  • Amazing Izakaya “Torikizoku”
    Izakaya is very popular restaurant that every geneletion loves. Japanese College students likes to go to Izakaya because it serve very cheap alcohole and they are allowed to be crazy. In Japan, there ...


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